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Decluttering Tips for Selling Your Home

When buyers survey a potential home for sale, they are not looking for one that looks lived-in but one that they could make their own. For this reason, sellers need to clean and declutter their homes so that the home appeals to their audience. However, when a home has been lived in for years or even decades, it can be difficult to tell where to start. When preparing your home for sale, remember these tips to help tidy up and entice buyers.


Buyers often go into homes looking to imagine how to make the home their own. For this reason, one of the first things a seller removes must be anything that indicates they are living in a home. Personalized items such as family photos distract buyers and make it more difficult for them to imagine the space as their own.

Maximize Space

Often, lived-in homes will be filled with various items and knick-knacks that will make the home appear smaller. When decluttering, make sure to do so in a way that makes your home feel more spacious than before. This means removing furniture, clearing out flat surfaces like tables and countertops, and emptying out your hallways. Spaciousness is desirable to buyers, and excessive clutter in spaces such as hallways can make a home feel more narrow and cramped.

Clear Cabinets & Cupboards

Out of sight does not mean out of mind when selling a home. Buyers will frequently look inside cupboards and behind doors, so those spaces should be made empty and clean as well. Unnecessary items and utensils can be stored away early. This makes the cabinets appear clean and empty while helping home sellers pack early for their move. While doing that, make sure that all of these doors can open freely and without hassle. Sometimes, people will let things pile up in front of a rarely-used cabinet, making it difficult to open the cabinet door. Buyers want the freedom to open doors and drawers easily, so keep clutter away from these spaces.

After you have finished decluttering your home, it is time to stage your home to make it more attractive on the market. We at Kho and Young are experienced professionals who can help your home sell well above its asking price. Contact us now for all your home-selling needs.


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